Welcome to my Furby Kingdom!

Furbies for Sale

Sometimes I have Furbies up for sale, here is where you can find them!

Prices are negotiable, and I sometimes will trade Furbies. Dont be afraid to ask!

Flat rate shipping is $13.60 for up to four Furbies.
Buddies and other small items are $7.20 to ship.

All Furbies come from a nonsmoking house with a dog and a cat.

Email me at furbyprincemax@gmail.com, or message me on Discord (p h o e n y x ★ s y s t e m#5721) or Telegram(@multiplephoenyx).
Page last updated 10/26/2017.

Santa Furby
Working Condition
Cosmetic Condition
Fair. No tears, stains, or smells. Has loose threads and pilling on paws. Has all tags.
$20 + shipping.
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